20 Reasons to use Sunlight Readable Displays

Have you ever faced the situation where you’re not able to view your mobile, laptop or any other electronic display because of the shining sun, or a bright bulb? A simple yet effective solution is now available in the market to help us with this problem.

Sunlight Readable Displays, also known as High Brightness Displays, are a type of display which enables users to view the monitor effortlessly even in sunlight or bright conditions. The high brightness emitted by Sunlight Readable Displays may also be optically bonded. This helps in providing a protective outer glass and fills the air gap between the glass and LCD panel.

20 Reasons to use Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Monitors

1. Greater Visibility in Sunlight –
The first and foremost which has to be mentioned is that these displays allow us to read even in the broad daylight because of the high brightness.

2. Higher Brightness –
The brightness emitted by these monitors ranges from 1000 to 2,200 nits in comparison to a mere 300 to 600 nits monitors which we previously used to have.

3. Reduces Strain on Eye –
It is a great invention to help reduce the strain on eye because we don’t have to make extra efforts to view content on our electronic devices.

4. Useful for Sunlight Work –
Sunlight Readable Displays are extremely useful especially for people in professions such as Landscaping, Construction Work, etc.

5. Better Display –
With the higher brightness, it gives us a sense of HD display.

6. Optical Bonds –
If there is an additional optical bonding applied, the optical-grade resin ensures that it eliminates any internal reflections and condensation for better viewing experience.

7. Anti-Glare Protection –
Coming with an anti-glare protection, these displays have a microscopically rough surface added to the top of the display. This allows it to diffuse glare.

8. Reduces Reflection –
The rough surface on the top of the display also helps to reduce reflection by scattering any light (sunlight or artificial light) directed onto its surface.

9. Best Option for Industrial Use –
The normal commercially available LCDs are not able to give out enough brightness to let users work with display functions without hindrance in high ambience light applications. Whilst, optically bonded sunlight readable displays pose no such problem even in highly ambient areas.

10. Softens the image quality –
Diffusing glare and reducing reflection directly helps to soften the quality of images we see on these displays.

11. Minimizes Mirror Image –
The protection glass provided reduces chances of mirror images appearing on the display.

12. Maximizes Transmittance –
Another advantage of the protection glass is that it also maximizes transmittance which enhances user viewing experience.

13. Multiple Options –
The Sunlight Readable Displays are available in multiple options like Open-frame configurations with touch screens and standard housings.

14. Transflective Technology –
Nowadays, this tech is being used to enhance the brightness of the display in proportion with the amount of sunlight received. Which means, brighter the sunlight, brighter the display.

15. Better Contrast Ratios –
Contrast Ratios of up to 1000:1 can be achieved with some of the displays available in market.

16. High resolutions –
These displays can also support extremely high resolutions.

17. LED instead of CCFL Backlight –
The new LED Backlight models are much more power efficient than the traditional CCFL Backlight technologies.

18. Improved Ruggedness –
Optical bonding in displays have increased their toughness.

19. Additional Backlighting –
Some displays also come with additional backlighting to enhance the image quality.

20. User-Friendly –
The Sunlight Readable Displays are really helpful for the users and hence, can be termed really user-friendly.