The Benefits of High Brightness Passenger Information Displays

Users of public and private transport solutions can sometimes be restless due to a strong desire to receive regular updates on the status or schedule of the vehicle that they are waiting for at the station, or, being able to see their whereabouts during a trip. faytech North America provides a variety of high brightness display solutions ranging from touchscreen kiosks to embedded PCs depending upon the market and user need.

Most experienced technicians will advise on installing display high brightness passenger information display systems as a way to ensure that information displayed is visible from wider angles and in direct light – including being sunlight readable which is an important factor to manage.

faytech North America specializes in manufacturing high brightness displays for passenger information systems.

What are the benefits of passenger information displays using high brightness technology?

Over and above the other benefits of light-emitting diode (LED) technology our screens offer benefits of longevity, intensified brightness, cost-effectiveness and safety among others. Here is how the benefits come about.

Longevity of high brightness passenger information display systems

These screens are designed to last longer than the average LEDs. It is important to note that excessively high temperature contributes to the shortening of the lifespan of LED screens. The displays are made in such a way that overheating is drastically reduced. The display board itself absorbs heat since the diodes are fixed directly on it.

In addition to this default setting, there are deliberately installed mechanisms that get rid of heat. A heat conductor is placed beneath the display board to ensure that the heat produced is effectively neutralized. The result is an ensured longer time of operation.

Intensified brightness that is even sunlight readable

High brightness displays may use a little more power compared to traditional LEDs. However, the output in terms of light intensity is very much desirable. Passenger information display systems demand good lighting for their effectiveness. They should be visible both from far and close range with ease and remain highly viewable in direct sunlight.

Through elaborate manufacturing strategies, we have managed to come up with screens that with brighter lights. Think of it like more of an enhanced LED retaining less heat while emitting the brightest possible light.

The cost effectiveness of passenger displays with bright screens

The capacitive and resistive touch displays developed by faytech NA utilize heat conduction technology which helps in increasing a unit’s lifespan. This greatly reduces the need to replace a screen due to burn out and these high bright displays are engineered to operate 24/7 for years. The more qualitative aspect of cost effectiveness is found in creating a travel experience that is pleasant for your customers.

Environmental and safety factors involved in high bright passenger display screens

The high brightness display technology employed by faytech North America takes into account the environmental impact. These products are much safer for the environment compared to other display systems. Unlike compact fluorescent lights which contain elements like mercury that require careful disposal, the screens we offer do not contain any potentially harmful substance. The safety of users is also ensured since they are compliant to the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances directive by the European Union.

Public and private transport solutions require a high degree of efficiency given the volume passengers that need to be served on a daily basis. The communication systems employed to serve these large numbers of passengers must, therefore, be very effective and responsive to their specific needs. One example of such needs is a clear information system. Depending upon the nature of the transportation service being offered, such systems can even utilize touch screen PC solutions that are available in resistive and capacitive models.

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faytech North America designs a variety of solutions that can be used to enhance a private or public transportation display information systems. In addition to developing and manufacturing touch screen monitor technologies, faytech also manufactures touch screen PCs, industrial PC systems, industrial motherboards, and rugged touch monitor displays.

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