The Efficiency of High Brightness Displays for Surveillance Systems

The efficiency of high brightness displays for surveillance systems is highly dependent on visual quality in a range of light levels and the angles from which a monitor can clearly be viewed. A lot of manufacturing companies make devices with sub-standard brightness systems that do not allow for flexibility in how they are used. This is the difference between faytech North America’s high brightness touch screen displays and our competitors.

What is high brightness technology for surveillance companies?

Brightness can be defined as the perceived intensity of light coming from a screen. High brightness technology offers a solution to the brightness problem by improving light perception without being affected by external lighting. This is important for surveillance systems because the nature of their use is primarily based on visual perception. Brighter displays are generally more attractive than dull ones.

Luminance is the scientific term for brightness. A screens luminous intensity is measured in candelas per meter squared (CD/M2). The higher the concentration of candelas, also referred to as nits, the brighter the display will be. Most LCD outdoor displays must have more than 700 nits to be bright enough to allow clear viewing in well-lit areas.

faytech North America offer high brightness touch displays that are especially effective when used with surveillance systems. The faytech touch monitors and touch PCs are available in different sizes and brightness levels.

Visibility problems solved with faytech North America high brightness surveillance monitors

A surveillance system is a closed-circuit television or computer system that is used to observe and monitor activities and people. That being said, it is clear that it is very dependent upon the visual capabilities of the device being used. The screen may appear dimmer because brightness levels have dropped. Images appear washed out and almost invisible.

This is a huge problem because it confines your work to shade, shelter and dim lighting.  External light from the sun or ambient light can greatly impact the light produced by the device in use. A lot of surveillance screens reflect light and therefore cannot be used in areas of extreme bright lighting. Ambient light and display lighting reflecting on each other can cause a lot of visual problems that can hinder progress in surveillance work.

The color temperature of some surveillance screens is not well calibrated leading to images that look very fake and animated. Colors can also be washed out leading to lower viewing angles on the screen.

High temperatures such as those found in industrial areas or harsh environments can sometimes have adverse effects on surveillance screens. In some screens that are used outside, the high temperatures “burn” parches of the screen leading to black spots, whose size may depend on the amount of time spent in direct sunlight. The patches may be grey, black or yellow and appear over a period of time. This discoloration is permanent and should be avoided.

High temperatures can also cause “mist” to form on the screen making images appear unclear. A feature is known as optical bonding eradicates the air gap that inhibits the build-up of heat which leads to fogging and contamination from dirt particles.

How surveillance high brightness screens enhance security

People in the security and surveillance industry are looking for dependable screens and PC systems that are durable in all weather conditions. Our high brightness LCD screens are built to perform well in both dim and brightly lit environments. They are built to withstand harsh lighting conditions. They work flawlessly in direct sunlight or brightly lit rooms without any shade required.

A screen comes with built-in high contrast and excellent color reproduction features. It also has a backlight that produces high brightness. The brightness is just enough and does not end up creating a blinding effect. The improved color saturation levels provide better optical performance by the screen enabling you to see as clearly as you would without the added external light.

The screen is good color calibrated to give all the images being viewed as a very natural look. It also offers different brightness levels adjustable as per your preference. The faytech North America sunlight readable touchscreen monitor comes built with a high-temperature panel that can withstand temperatures as high as 1100 C. This thermal control feature eliminates the problem of black spots and fogging leading to a clearer viewing display.

faytech NA is a High Brightness Surveillance Display Manufacturer Based in the USA

Many embedded computers, touch PC sand surveillance system monitors require sufficient light for users to fully utilize them. Many surveillance systems involve placement of displays outdoors and indoors in brightly lit locations. This means that high brightness screens really come in useful for the people who depend upon always being able to view the events on the screen from any angle possible and in all lighting conditions.

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