Train Platform High Brightness Display Solutions

High brightness technology provides crystal clear images regardless of the size of the display touchscreen. The technology basically uses tiled arrays of optic fibers to create high brightness and resolution displays than typical displays. This means that they offer a much higher luminosity that the standards LCD screens. The technology allows sunlight monitor displays to shine even in the direct sunlight making them ideal for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoors as well as in-window application.

High brightness displays for train platforms

With the launch of passenger information display (PID) systems in train platforms, train stations have become some of the busiest transit hubs and many of them have begun looking for ways to enhance customer interactions, such as using kiosk technology and embedded PC solutions. The PID system communicates the train status, destinations, boarding gates and other information on new display screens that are easier to read.

However, transport monitors require specific features, for instance, wide viewing angles, wide temperature range and ruggedness, and IP65 high brightness. The problem with the new LCD display monitor is that they are difficult to read for passengers, especially in high ambient light condition and harsh weather conditions. High brightness technology eliminates this problem by delivering unrivaled clarity indoors and outdoors in high sunlight areas.

Enhancing display visibility on train platforms

The following are serious considerations for upgrading current train platform display solutions.

More light than standard displays

High brightness displays can produce up to three times more light than the standards displays. Ultimately, this combats the effect of high ambient lights or direct sunlight on the train platform. The display maintains visible image even when light attempts to wash out the picture, thus provides optimal readability at all times. Readability on the train platform is an essential factor because it draws customers away from the center of the train platform, therefore easing congestion and improves pedestrian circulation.

Wider viewing angles of the train platform display monitors

High brightness displays are often equipped with a wider angle of viewing which is particularly important and necessary in train platform. People are constantly on the move and should be able to read the information from almost any angle in a comical setting. An ideal viewing angle of 180 from high brightness display can be read from any angle when in front of the display.

High contrast ratio assists reading train platform displays in high light

Another benefit that set apart high brightness display apart is the high contrast ration. Contrast ration os measures under the optimal condition when in a room. When a regular shift from dark to high ambient light, the wash-out look is created, which affect the readability and viewing angle. The backlight in high brightness displays is often increased which increases the saturation levels and therefore provides uniformity and optical performance under all conditions.

Designed for harsh environments

High brightness screens often designed for ultra-harsh environments, so they are sealed with protective elements that makes them resistant to sand, windblown rain, ice formation, debris, and liquids. That’s one of the reasons they are often ideal for train platforms.

Wide operational temperature range

While LCD enclosures are designed for rugged use, and they provide an ability of the screen to operate in any outdoor location, one of the issues that are often ignored is the temperature. It is well known that LCD screens have a certain limit to temperature range. A typical LCD screen can only have an operating range of between 0 degrees to 32 degrees centigrade.

Of course, the train platform does not suffer temperature outside this range, but for some location, placement can be challenging. High brightness screens are often designed for rugged use. Most have an internal heating and cooling system that keep the system under check in all temperature ranges. Operating temperatures can range from -40 to 60 degrees.

Modular designs that can withstand daily use and abuse

When it comes to public display, strength is of great importance. High brightness displays are often put through rigorous testing to not only withstand the weather conditions but also to withstand anti-social behaviors, The screens are able to function intermittently, thus provides information about the train arrivals and other important information. With a combination of powerful text, images, and videos, train providers can boost revenues not to mention create an immersive customer experience.

faytech North America provides display solutions for train platforms

The use of video technology has been highly emphasized in the recent past in the transport industry. However, specifications for such application are totally different from the general LCD displays. Many factors need to be considered for the passengers to have a good experience. To address the issues of readability in high ambient lights, and wash-out images, we provide high brightness displays for train platforms and other outdoor applications. These displays provide excellent viewing angles and are built for long and extended use.

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