Know when it is time to upgrade to industrial display monitors in your facility

Industrial display monitors are an integral part of mainstream industrial sectors such as food and beverage processing companies, medical facilities, the gaming industry, business related fields, the military and marine industries for indoor and outdoor use. Industrial display monitors are essential components of all these industries and fields and should not be treated as an afterthought. Most hands-on industries expose their workers to challenging working conditions hence a durable and reliable technology helps them complete their work without worrying that they might damage the interface.

The following are industries that can benefit from an industrial display monitor system

Industrial touch screen displays are not needed in all industries, but those that do require durability and reliability. Often there is no excuse for downtime because lives are on the line or the costs of system failures due to component malfunctioning or extreme conditions is too high.

Rugged environment and outdoor use

It is absolutely important that enterprises such as mining, mechanical, electrical, construction, marine and military equip their field staff with high quality industrial-grade LCD monitors to guarantee their safety. They need high-caliber equipment that is waterproof and complete with rugged chassis. This will help them navigate through the most difficult working conditions.a

Food and beverage processing companies

A waterproof industrial display monitor is a necessary requirement in the food and beverage industry whether it is in a food processing plant, a cafeteria or a restaurant. LCD monitors help business owners accurately track their sales and product inventory conveniently.

Medical facilities

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, walk-in clinics and pharmacies are big and busy places. It is easy to get lost in a medical facility hence important information can get lost in the shuffle. Visitors including staff can get lost in the hallways but clear communication offers patients more desirable health outcomes and convenience. Industrial display monitors can be used to relay important information which improves the patient experience.

Factors to consider when selecting monitors

When selecting an industrial display monitor, it is important to consider the following factors. 1. Visual Display – The monitor must provide quality visual display. If it is for outdoor use, ensure that it features optically bonded glass as well as sunlight-readable technology so that it can be used in the daytime. 2. Power Consumption – Ensure that the monitor has reduced power consumption and power draw. 3. Cost – The display monitor should fit within the set budget. A traditional display may cost lesser than a rugged display but has a shorter lifespan. Choose one that will provide more value for its cost. Rugged LCD monitors have extended temperature ranges of up to 60 degrees C, which ensures that they function fully outdoors.

Benefits of using the Faytech North America monitors

There are several advantages that come with using rugged display monitors especially for industrial, marine or military applications. 1. Durability – Rugged LCD monitors are resistant to damage from extreme temperature, physical use, weather conditions as well as dust and other pollutants. Most industrial displays are waterproof with a rugged chassis that protects it from damage. 2. Reliability – A rugged industrial display monitor can perform high-level operations consistently for a long time. 3. Performance – Industrial display monitors feature technology and capabilities that provide the best performance. This includes reduced power consumption, LED backlighting as well as sunlight-readable capability for use during daytime among other features that allow greater accessibility and use.

The perceived downside

1. Cost – A major disadvantage of industrial display monitors is cost. Prices for this technology are still high which makes many potential installers wait until the price is right.

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