Manufactured rugged touch screen monitors are a leading option in many industries

Rugged monitors, as the name suggests, are capable of surviving in any type of condition. These monitors are made using latest technologies and are mostly used by the military. It is very hard to keep away from this new range of computers, where computers have become a part and parcel of our daily lives.

Computers used in harsh environments need to be protected from elements that can destroy their functioning and make them redundant. Therefore, water resistant rugged LCD monitors have also come to the market; for example the sunlight readable LCD information display panel.

The screen is water resistant and therefore, if water falls then the function is not disturbed. These computers can function smoothly even in temperatures ranging below minus 20 degrees. The rugged monitor performance depends solely on the improved technology used. Countries like Japan, China, and America have introduced new standards of LCD information panel displays.

Why choose the faytech North America rugged LCD displays?

One of the characteristics of these types of computers is their ability to survive in any type of condition. They remain unfazed irrespective of the rugged conditions. Clarity in vision is another characteristic offered by these types of monitors. Consumers have started to believe that ‘seeing is believing’ in dangerous conditions with these displays.

The picture quality provided by these types of monitors is of higher quality. They also offer high brightness and contrast levels as well. Besides, the longevity of these displays solely depends on the rugged dust-proof systems. These electronic devices have no fans and moving parts. These types of displays consume low energy as the electro-magnetic radiations are very less. Having less electro magnetic radiation this does not harm your eyes compares to the other similar products. These rugged touch screen monitors can also be remotely connected and supervised.

The rugged frame of the rugged LCD monitor

You must be wondering as to why it is called a rugged LCD monitor. The monitors are framed in a steel frame, which binds it all over. These types of displays may also have a touch screen interface. This enables them to function smoothly in difficult conditions. The information panel displays have also found their place in receptions of luxury hotels, boardrooms, video conferencing, and also in retail showrooms for advertising and surveillance.

Are you looking for displays for commercial or non-commercial purposes? Then you can buy rugged LCD monitors for better management. You can also opt for these monitors in harsh environments where similar products may not be as durable or function smoothly over a longer period of time.

Where as once the screens were too big to fit in the vehicles, now they have come down in size and quality such that small high definition screens are now fitted to every vehicle for a wide range of applications, from satellite navigation systems through to police computer systems that are linked back to mainframe computers enabling the police to have far more in car access to information than they previously had when they were forced to use very small traditional televisions, which meant the size that could be fitted in the vehicle was very small due to the depth of the CRT tube.

Now a portable, thin rugged monitors are available for field work

Portable rugged monitors are also now available enabling them to be deployed as computer monitors in the setting up of field incident rooms. Now rugged screens can be made with touch screen technology, which many people would never have dreamt could be made to work in a rugged application. This has enabled them to become widely used in the rail industry where the convenience of a touch screen has obvious operator benefits where by using a normal keyboard is simply not a practical option.

They are used in few applications from monitors for the driver to see on train security cameras, through to touch screens to enable the conductor to update reserved seating systems.

The benefits of rugged screens are numerous, the first being they can withstand hard knocks or even being dropped of, of a table. They can be made waterproof and scratch resistant. All of these factors mean that they can be used in a very wide range of applications from being used by the military in setting up temporary field operations through to be used widely in the utilities industry for data collection purposes.

What does faytech NA specialize in?

faytech North America is the New York distribution center for all faytech products. faytech NA specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of specific computing solutions such as: Touch Screen Desktops, Touch Screen Computers, Embedded Computers, Industrial PCs, Industrial Computers, Resistive Touch PCs, and Computer Kiosks.

In addition we offer touch screen display solutions: Touch Screen Monitors, Capacitive Touch Screens, IP65 Displays, High Brightness Displays, Sunlight Readable Displays, Industrial Monitors, Resistive Monitors, and Rugged Monitors. faytech NA also customizes projects for our clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

faytech NA currently manufactures 7–22” Touchscreen Monitors, 8–19” Touchscreen PCs, and the 32–42–55” Touchscreen PC LFT Series. Additionally, we have developed our own proprietary PC motherboard, which is manufactured exclusively by ASUS.

Whether it is finding the ideal product for your business, to the installation of the products or to technical support, our entire team works hard to always provide our customers with the best products and service on the market. At faytech North America, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable about every product we offer, ready to assist you with whatever information is needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, or to learn more about a faytech NA high quality display solutions for your unique company.