faytech NA rugged LCD monitor solutions for extreme work environments

Rugged LCD monitors are becoming more popular each day because monitor manufacturing companies are tapping into a great need in the industrial marketplace. The reason behind this is that the industries are expanding and more and more people and organizations are going to places where normal monitors or devices are not comparable with the environment or situations.

The advent and use of Liquid Crystal Display technology, more commonly referred to as LCD technology, in nearly all industrial sectors has made its prices go down sharply in the past few years. As such a number of applications requiring computers have started installing rugged computers with rugged monitors. Perfect examples include in emergency vehicles, like police patrolling vans, fire tenders, and ambulances. But what makes rugged monitors with LCD technology to stand out?

The most prominent and eye-catching features of these LCD monitors is their ability to withstand all types of climate, besides delivering errorless results. They have the potentiality to function in even the worst of weather conditions. Another key feature of rugged LCD monitors is their perfect picture clarity. The creation of such crystal clear displays has made customers to bid adieu to hazy outputs which usually cause problems in soaring high temperatures or hostile weather.

Rugged LCD technology is the perfect solution for demanding industries

Also, the quality of the picture obtained with the help of these rugged monitors is very high.

The contrast and brightness levels obtained with the aid of these monitors are equally phenomenal. Additionally, the durability of these monitors depends solely on the brawny dust-resistant systems. These devices do not possess any fans and movable parts.

The energy consumed by these monitors is pretty low as electromagnetic waves emanated by these displays are exceptionally less. Electromagnetic radiation, when emitted in lower magnitude, is less damaging to the eyes when compared against other products of similar types. These displays also have the facility of being remotely connected and supervised.

The benefits of rugged displays with LCD technology

The space occupied by these monitors is far less when compared against CRT screens of similar width. This makes rugged screens an ideal choice for policing cars as well as army vehicles with complete command and control, whereby many screens may be required at the same time.

Besides space, heat is also a crucial issue when LCD monitors are weighed against CRT screens. The roughly 14 inch thick CRT screens emit more heat when compared against the one inch thick LCD displays.

Thus, LCD screens when used in armored vehicles which may have multiple displays switched on at the same time emit much less heat, making the working environment all the more comfortable.

Rugged LCD displays can be used in extreme weather conditions

Military, security, search and rescue, construction, and other specific industries are required to function without excuses or failures in extremely daring weather conditions.

For instance, people may have to rush in or out of a vehicle or service location, leading to the accidental breakdown of an LCD monitor in extremely pressurized conditions.

Clearly, no manufacturer or customer wants breakage, but it occurs, even as you cannot control what happens in intense-usage scenarios but these displays continue to deliver even in harshest of working conditions.