20 Features of 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screens

Are you thinking of getting a touchscreen monitor in the future or now? Whether it’s for business or person uses or even you want to make use of it for both purposes, you have to put into consideration which type of the touchscreen technology you want to be powering your device

What is a 5 wire resistive touch screen?

A 5 wire resistive touch screen is the best solutions when it comes to an application because of their reliability and durability. It consists of a bottom layer which is glass with a top film layer that is conductive. In its construction, its electrodes are all placed on its bottom layer and its top layer is used as voltage measuring. Because of this, its touchscreen do work properly after its top layer is scratched a little or damage.

5 wire resistive touch screen is used mostly in applications such as:

  • Industrial uses: for automation equipment, automated testing, machine interface
  • Transportation uses: control panel of an inner vehicle
  • Medical uses: research equipment, patient monitoring, and medical instrument
  • Point of sale: movie theater, fast food, lottery terminal, convenience store and much more

What are the top 20 benefits of 5 wire Resistive Touch Screens?

  1. It works with Stylus: every device that is touchscreen can be able to know touch commands through a bare finger, stylus or a gloved finger and a 5 wire resistive devices aren’t left out. It doesn’t rely on the capacitance of human for it to be able to identify the touch commands. When the surface of a 5 wire resistive device is pressed, the top layer would make contact with the layer at the bottom. The electrodes which are at the bottom layer would detect the user’s command touch location, even when you use a stylus.
  2. It’s not really affected by the top layer damage: the devices are majorly known to be very durable than most of their counterparts because of its measures voltage through its bottom layer. A little damage on its top layer won’t really affect the device.
  3. It has a long lifetime which is over ten times of the 4 wire touchscreen
  4. The screen is liquid resistance and its containment proof
  5. It has a very high accuracy and durability
  6. It has a very high sensitivity and high resolution
  7. It’s been used for heavy use, traffic applications and in the commercial sector
  8. It has a low power consumption
  9. It has EMI Immunity
  10. It features a 3H surface hardness which can be used for general
  11. Its register few touches that are inadvertent
  12. It’s very cheap to its counterpart
  13. Its well fitted for handwriting
  14. It has elements and its dust free
  15. Its screen is bright and sharp
  16. They are more preferred in climates that are cold
  17. They are not easily scratched
  18. its production cost is quite low
  19. it has high resistance to water
  20. it supports a multi-touch commands