The Impact of Resistive Touch Screen for Businesses

Our interaction with electronics and the way we get access to technology have been greatly impacted by the use of touch screens. Resistive touch displays and all-in-one resistive PC systems are rapidly changing the marketplace, making for streamlined user interfaces and the use of durable computing in harsh environments possible.


Faytech North America manufactures touch screen monitor solutions which can be utilized in a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

We have developed various durable display solutions that can be applied to industries such as agriculture, transportation, mining, manufacturing, production, laboratory use and a broad range of commercial uses.

Many industries and businesses are now turning to resisitive touch display solutions. Our highly rated touch screens are customized to be highly sensitive to slightest touch by humans, and the touch screen displays we provide ranges from resistive to capacitive touch screens, to IP65 high brightness touch screens, to sunlight readable touchscreens to industrial touchscreens and rugged touch monitors.

faytech North America has the flexibility to give you the best solution for your industry needs.


What are the different technologies used in touch screen displays?


Distinguishing among the three main types of touch screens is necessary in deciding which touch display suits your needs.

Our touch screen solutions as shown in our projects offer the option between stand alone touch displays or all-in-one capacitive touch PCs, resistive touch PCs, industrial touch screen PCs, embedded touch PCs, and touch screen PC kiosks.

Our display technologies are a great solution for any manufacturing plant and have been used in harsh environment industrial applications and dirty production areas, clean room applications, food processing industries, rugged outdoor use and various others.


Resistive touch displays use pressure to produce a response


These touch screens works on the basis of resistance, producing response when the screen is touched. The display contains two membranes with a spacing that is coated by special layers which brings about electric voltage when pressed, which is read by the display and it outputs a response.


Capacitive touch displays use electrical current


Unlike the resistive touchscreens, they are based on unique technology. It is based on the fact that a body produces minute amounts of electricity. This idea is incorporated by LCD display which applies the capacitive technology.

These displays are specifically made with insulated glass displays that is fitted with conductive material. When a touch is applied, it produces electrical field which are interpreted as data inputs by the screen.


Which is Better for Your Industry – Capacitive or Resistive?


Resistive touchscreens are known to produce low visual output due to the use of many screen layers. However, it has a few advantages it responds to any tool as long as a substantial force is applied.

With capacitive screens, here it is not necessary to have a stylus to register inputs. In this case, the stylus is your finger. Its advantage is that it allows one to make many gestures using fingers. Ranging from equipment used in agriculture to industrial manufacturing to those that are used in the operating rooms, our touch screens can enhance productivity and performance in your industry.

Our touch screen products provide durability and convenience in a broad range of applications. Speak with our touch screen team today to determine which solution would be the best for your specific needs.

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