20 Facts about Embedded Touch Screen PCs

Embedded computer systems have made exponential progress in the last few decades. It’s no wonder that we can see embedded touch screen panels these days in the market. And not only mere panels, these systems house a whole personal computer. But the general awareness about embedded touch screen PCs isn’t really high, so, here are 20 facts about Embedded Touch Screen PCs:

1. Foundation laid in the 1960s Though the technology, Embedded Touch Screen PC sounds really flabbergasting right now, the foundation stones for this tech were laid as far as 50 years in the past when the first capacitive technology was used.

2. Compact PC It’s a simple touch panel PC with all the powerful functions of a PC in one compact box. Easy to carry around and port from one location to another.

3. No need for mounting points There’s no separate need for mounting the embedded touch screen PC as it’s a one-in-all solution.

4. No extra hardware needed No extra mouse, keyboard or any other hardware needed to get it running.

5. No extra cables required There’s absolutely no hassle of plugging and unplugging any cables.

6. Available in a variety of sizes The embedded touch PCs are available in a variety of sizes.

7. Supports all Operating Systems There is no difference in the support for the Operating Systems which a normal PC offers and an embedded touch screen PC offers. RedHat, Ubuntu, Kali or any other Linux will just work as perfectly as a Windows OS.

8. Comes in either Resistive or Capacitive Touch Depending on which one you prefer, these panels come in both, Capacitive and Resistive touch technologies.

9. Three bezels Embedded Touch Panel PCs offer three main standard display bezels namely, Open Frame Panel PCs, Chassis Panel PCs, and Panel Mount Panel PCs.

10. Open Frame Panel PCs These display bezels mount from the rear and are extremely easy to install. Best used as Kiosks and applications that need a flush front finish.

11. Chassis Panel PCs The Chassis Panel PCs have a chassis display bezel with a stainless steel bezel. This increases its roughness and makes it a suitable fit for industrial use. This bezel mounts from the front.

12. Panel Mount Panel PCs If there is a rough or untidy opening, this kind of bezel would be the best fit. A panel mounts display mounts from the front into the rough opening.

13. IP Rating is important IP rating stands for Ingress Protection rating. This is important because this can be a determining factor if you want to know beforehand if a particular Embedded Touch Screen PC will be a suitable fit for your work environment, location, and use-case scenario.

14. Brightness These PCs come in a variety of brightness levels as well. So, if the use of the device is going to be outdoors where there is exposure to bright sunlight, then a high brightness PC would be suitable.

15. Also comes in fanless version There are many embedded systems now available in the market which don’t need a fan because of the low power input.

16. Solid State Panel PCs If you want true reliability, replacing a spinning hard drive PC with a solid-state panel PC will go a long way.

17. Low Price The price of these Embedded Touch Panel PCs are very reasonably priced.

18. Waterproof These PCs offer high water resistance to add to their robustness.

19. Ultra Low Power Use The power consumption of these devices is extremely low and offers an effective, portable yet, economical solution.

20. Exterior Protection There is special care with which the exterior of an Embedded Touch Screen PC is made. It is so because the exterior must be extremely durable to ensure nothing happens to the interior, which is embedded in the system itself. The exterior is generally made of high-grade aluminum.

If you are interested in adding embedded touch technology to your organization, contact us today. Our embedded PC experts can guide you to the best solution.