20 usage examples of embedded touch screen PCs

Embedded touch PC solutions are being found in many different industries. The following are some examples of ways that embedded PCs are being used. Perhaps your industry could benefit from our embedded touch technology?

1. Embedded touch screen PCs involve the integration of the display panel, touch screen and single board computer together with the mechanical chassis components and all associated electronic power as a ready-to-use subassembly. You then choose the appropriate processing power, right screen size and the best touch technology for your application. A robust enclosure may be included for aerospace, marine, automation and other similarly demanding environments.

2. These PCs are also used for industrial applications. They are built to withstand long term usage in adverse environments. They are built sturdy enough to handle water, dust, vibration and shock. The industrial design can be mounted onto cabinet doors and can also be used on the factory production floors. These industrial embedded touch screen PCs have a special thermal design to allow for wide temperature operation that protects them from overheating when they are used in settings that are not climate controlled.

3. Embedded touch screen PCs can be used as consumer tablets and also as commercial touch screen solutions.

4. These PCs can be used to make an industrial control upgrade. Instead of the traditional industrial system comprising of a control panel with switches, buttons and dials, these panel can be replaced with an embedded touch screen PC. This screen offers a smartphone type experience and allows more flexibility in implementing design changes.

5. Embedded touch screen PCs can be used as a standalone controller. This is seen in vending machines whereby they enable improved customer interaction and remote monitoring functions.

6. Stock control systems utilize embedded touch screen PCs.

7. They can be used as a multimedia panel PC for hospital patient entertainment.

8. They can also be used as an infotainment system in taxis and cars. They keep the passengers engaged especially over long distances and overall improve the passenger experience.

9. They are also used in systems that also interface with smartphones.

10. Embedded touch screen PCs are used for in-vehicle applications. These include; agricultural and construction machinery.

11. Embedded touch screen PCs are used in the maritime field. They are optimized for applications on the open deck, the dock and in the control room.

12. They are also used in automotive dashboard clusters.

13. They are also used in household appliances. For example, fridges and fridges.

14. Embedded touch screen monitors are used in medical devices. They optimize applications as an information processing terminal.

15. They are also used in gaming and gambling machines.

16. Embedded touch screen PCs are used in fitness consoles. They provide an entertainment system where people can watch TV as well as use social media. They can also use virtual running programs to admire the landscape and scenery of other countries as they cycle or run.

17. They can also be used in digital signage. This is whereby restaurants use self- ordering as well as interactive menu boards. This frees up the staff to focus on exceptional service.

18. Embedded touch screen PCs can be used in point-of-sale. They enable attendants to easily take payments and engage the shoppers.

19. They are used for education. Most education institutions are using embedded PC systems for voting, class enrollments and reservations.

20. They are also used in malls for conducting marketing campaigns and also to display products. In trade shows they are used for informational selling, product information and marketing.

Embedded technologies can take an organization to the next level in terms of productivity and performance. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions that faytech North America provides.