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Touch screen technology used by faytech north america industrial panel PC manufacturers

Rugged touchscreen has become quite a popular technology in the electronic devices world and are now moving into the realm of industrial PC solutions. Probably you have heard the word touch screen in the technological world and you would want to know what it’s all about and how useful it could be to you; well a touch screen is a display screen that is normally placed on top of an electronic display for the purpose of relaying information. T

ouch screen users are able to control information displayed using their fingers or a special pen. The computer manufacturers around the world have committed to this technology in the production of tablet computers, smart phones, personal computers, electronic voting machines and also in personal digital assistant appliances. The touch screen technology comes in three types; the resistant which are not affected by outer elements like water or dust, the surface wave that stands out among the three which is vulnerable to outer elements and the capacitive screens that possess heightened clarity and resistance to outer elements. While using the rugged panel PC technology the user may encounter some advantages and disadvantages as listed below.

Industrial grade PC and industrial PC fanless system benefits

Touch screen devices are easy to clean and can be easily maintained because they are less exposed to dust particles with the button free screens. With the touch screen technology the user can enjoy different operations like zooming in or out the displayed content. Touch screen devices can be easily accessed thus saving on time that would have been wasted in the use of a mouse or a keyboard. Ease of access – this technology is quite accommodative for users with physical limitations that won’t allow them to use a mouse or a keyboard. Saves on space – touch screen devices get to put together everything in your device on the display in that the display and the input get integrated. Ease of use – touch screens are easier to use compared to desktops. It just takes touching the application that you want to use.

Common setbacks with industrial touch screen PC systems

The design for touchscreen computers may not be favorable to the visually impaired because it doesn’t feature buttons to help them indicate where touch is required. Normally, touch screen devices are more costly than the standard PCs. Prolonged use of a touch screen device without the provision for an armrest can cause fatigue. In the event of an accident, touch screen devices are usually expensive to repair. Does touch screen technology improve efficiency in specific industries (ask us how)?

Advances made by faytech north america’s own industrial PC manufacturers

Every kind of business whether large scale or small scale tends to experience some drawbacks in regards to time consumption and heavy workload that can be reformed by the touch screen technology. Some of the revolutions include:

  • Easy payment mode – in the business industries customers are able to pay for products easily through their credit cards.
  • Reduced workload – in places like the hospitals patients and guests could be able to request services they need without having to bother the receptionist or nurse
  • Streamlined customer support – customers will always have question in regards to the products one has to offer in the retail industry. Instead of getting extra man power to answer the questions, a touch screen device can provide the answers to the customers without the need of a staff member.

Out there in the business world and also in the personal affairs, the computer manufacturers have revolutionized the world with the touch screen technology. It has now become a crucial part of our day to day interactions and definitely will be a crucial part of the future.

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