PC Touch Screen System vs The Traditional Computer

The world has really changed a lot especially with the advancements of technology. In most cases, technology makes our lives a lot easier. It enhances our day-to-day activities, makes our work a lot faster, and our personal tasks a breeze with just a click or a tap on our devices.

Great innovations in PC touch screen technology is changing the way we interact with computers

A few decades back, computers were huge boxes with a monitor that showed a monochrome display. There were lots of DOS commands to learn just to use a software program.

Faster hardware and operating system innovations made it easier to navigate programs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Almost anyone with a basic computer background could quickly learn to operate one. Further advancement on the hardware began to make steady strides every few years and colored monitors became a routine addition.

Thanks to the rising numbers of touch screen pc manufacturers, the competition has been very steep in the market and it has forced companies such as faytech North America to deliver the best products at competitive prices. Touchscreen desktops, laptops, tablet devices and obviously mobile phones are evolving to offer integrated touch solutions.

In many industries, people are still relatively uncertain about the advantages of using touch screen devices and there are still many who are still very comfortable working with a computer with a physical keyboard and big monitors. But, this will likely change as more software applications are beginning to streamline processes designed for touch interactions.

The PC touch screen can do everything a tablet or cell phone can do

With the evolution of computers, now come the resistive touch PC, capacitive touch PC, industrial touch PC, and embedded touch PC. These can do what a tablet or mobile phone can do but on a touch screen desktop or all-in-one PC system.

This technological advance makes it easier for the person who prefers computers to tablets. Instead of using a mouse, they can just select an icon or move the cursor on their monitors with their fingers.

This makes for a lot more space in confined work areas and also means it is possible to embed or wall-mount touch screen PCs since there is no need for a mouse or keyboard.

Another positive element that comes with PC touchscreens is that on some of them, you can use a stylus on it for signing some documents. There are numerous software applications that recognize handwriting and translates it to digital text.

Potential downsides of PC touch screen technology

One potential downside of PC touch screen technology is that it consumes more energy when compared to conventional desktop computers. Also the entry-level to mid-level price range touch PCs are typically heavier and thicker than other traditional computers in a comparable category.

Another potential disadvantage is for people who have big fingers. It might take some additional time and adjustments moving the cursor, and this might create extra complications when working with very minute details.

In summary, with touch screen PCs it still boils down to the individual’s preference and workflow. Contact us today to learn about faytech NA’s touch screen PC solutions. Our knowledgeable experts can help you find the best solutions for your needs.