Touch screen technology is one of the newest additions to the information-sharing developments that are rapidly expanding into a variety of different niches ranging from industrial deployment to interactive kiosks. Most notably, in this context, numerous businesses within the self-service sub-niche are rapidly converting to touchscreen interactive devices to better serve their customer base.

The following are 5 ways that faytech North America’s white label touch screen technology can be applied to self-service ares of business operations. Businesses that have these departments or services should seriously consider adding interactive touch screen technology:

Information Kiosks and Displays

Innovative advertising mediums can quickly attract potential customers and share with them information that is relevant to their needs. Our white label, interactive touch screen technology PCs and monitors can be adapted to your branding and marketing needs. These units are very effective for advertising products and services in addition to targeted marketing message that are bound to catch the attention of potential customer.

Advertising messages can be displayed in ways that can influence the customer’s decision making process and even offer immediate and secure purchase options. Our white label touch screens make the difference between a passive and dynamic experience.


Touch screen systems are designed to be highly-intuitive and we can develop white label interactive display systems to be utilized at the employee level for restaurants, or at the end-user for fast food establishments. The touch screen systems and software are easy to use, so employees can work faster, training times can be reduced for new workers, and in the case of fast food restaurants customers can intuitively order their food.

Trade Shows and Events

Trade show exhibits, tourism exhibitions, event kiosks, and other interactive displays are frequently used by people who have little to no computing experience. We can offer white label touch screen devices that can be modified to serve your brand and marketing objectives. People at trade shows and events tend to find this user-friendly touch screen interface less intimidating and easier to use than other input devices.

Additionally, it frees staff to focus upon the people who need that personal touch, while the more independent types can quickly get the information they need. A touch screen will make your information more easily obtainable by enabling users to navigate your presentation, relevant information, and purchase options with the simple touch of a finger.

Sales Departments

There are people who know exactly what they want and do not want to deal with sales staff. They have already done their research and made up their minds about what they want and simply need to make the purchase. Our white label touch screen solutions allow your customers to quickly make their purchase without needing to interact with staff.

For businesses that are open 24/7 or could add sales kiosks to their business model, these would be capable of working even when the staff not there to manage. Direct interaction on-demand on the part of customers can lead to enhanced brand loyalty. If a customer feels like they are considered to be a part of what your company is doing, they are likely to do business with you, and that will definitely improve your sales.

Customer Self-Service

Waiting in line is one of the things that has not changed too much with the advent of technology, but it can be better managed. Our white label self-service touch screen technologies can be adapted to create better customer service at busy shops, retail outlets, theaters, event halls, stadiums, transportation hubs, fast food restaurants, and countless more areas. A touch screen display for client use means that customers can quickly make decisions on their own without waiting for the assistance of staff.

Customers can directly check themselves in or out to events, hotels, wait rooms, and more. This saves effort, enhances scheduling, and reduces wait times for other customers. Airline check-in terminals, bus stations, concert stadiums, movie cinemas, and lobbies are a few examples of self-service possibilities that can benefit from these services.

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Today’s marketplace is an increasingly technologically savvy one. People tend to know what they want in advance and they have already done the research. The sales person is no longer the gatekeeper of information, and has been reduced to more of an order-taker. A great percentage of the population already has a mastery of the general touch screen technology that allows them to communicate instantly and network, research and uncover information, comparison shop, seek entertainment, and educate themselves.

Businesses that cater to this group can capture one of the most profitable demographics out there – and there are few better ways to do this than with a white label touch screen display. By speaking to this valuable consumer group in a language they understand, companies can build relationships with these individuals that go far beyond what static website-based business could hope to accomplish. Businesses that utilize the touch screen display for this purpose will realize increased profits as a result of improved consumer relations.

If you are interested in adding our white label touch screen technologies to your organization, then contact us today to discover how we can be of service.