White label customized touchscreen technology can be applied to many different industries and niches. The idea behind white label custom products is to add a reseller’s brand or company name on products and pursue a new business opportunity without having to actually manufacture the technology.

The origin of white labeling products comes from the use of vinyl records. Before a record was released to the public, and before the artwork was printed and designed, the promotional copies of the record were sent out using plain white sleeves to DJs requesting that they play the music on the radio and in nightclubs to determine if the public was interested in the record. If people liked the music, then it would give the record label an estimate as to how many records they should produce.

The following different scenarios are examples of the way that white labeled touchscreen technologies could be offered to different industries:



White label touch screen technologies ranging from touchscreen PCs to touch screen monitors to touchscreen kiosks could be placed in stadiums, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment parks, sports venues, and more.



Clinics, hospitals, and research facilities often have routine needs for new computer systems, touchscreen displays, and kiosks.



A wide variety of transportation oriented companies can utilize white labeled kiosks, PCs and displays with touchscreen technology. Interactive touch screen monitors or PCs could be embedded within seats and walls on trains, airplanes, boats, or buses. While interactive, white label touchscreen kiosks could be added to lobbies, customer service areas, ticket booths, and other locations that are relevant.



Grade schools, high schools, colleges, and universities could feature white labeled kiosks in the cafeteria areas, in reception areas, and near gymnasiums and performance halls for events scheduling, making purchases, and general information.



Shopping centers, retail stores, and malls could feature white label interactive kiosks, displays, and PCs for customer service, inventory management, sales, and general information.



Fast food restaurants, bars, cafés and even fine dining restaurants could use white label interactive PCs, displays, and kiosks for meal ordering, reservations, staff scheduling, and general information.



Manufacturers and industries involving extreme environments can benefit from the sturdiness of the industrial designs, high brightness displays and rugged use standardization.



Touch screen kiosks, PCs, and displays can all be used very effectively for digital advertisers.


Why White Label Touch Technologies?

White labeling touch technologies is a great way to expand upon your current offerings and leverage existing business relationships and contacts while offering a new technology. Also, it allows a company to scale without having to develop and offer the technology and infrastructure necessary to do so. White labeling also impacts branding, as it allows a company to be perceived as a bigger player than they actually are by expanding current offerings. lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it allows an organization to focus upon their core competency which could be sales. If you have a great sales team, then why worry about the manufacturing complications, when you can focus entirely on sales.

Our white label touch technologies are a great way of expanding your business without needing to have the infrastructure necessary to manufacture products within the interactive touchscreen niche. Not only does it allow you to avoid any potential copyright issues but it also adds the appeal of a personalized touch when it comes to a brand being used in a specific context.

There are more companies than you might realize that are white labeling their products. For example, Starbucks provides coffee beans to Costco for them to relabel under the Kirkland brand. Vineyards do the same thing for wine labels, and various different software companies allow for the same white labeling of their software to be done.

If you are interested in providing touchscreen technologies within specific niches and would like to white label our touch screen products, then contact us today to learn more about our solutions.