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Welcome to the faytech showcase of customer success stories, where real-world experiences illustrate the transformative impact of our solutions. Discover how our clients have leveraged our technology to achieve remarkable results, fostering growth and innovation across diverse industries. Join us on a journey through these inspiring journeys to see how we can help write your success story.





Butterfly MX smart intercom software faytech



 Smart Intercom Software, is one of the touch screen integrations that faytech north america US developed while collaborating with ButterflyMX.

Hercules Laundry Systems saw industrial tablet faytech

Hercules HSC

Hercules needed a medium to interact with their users in more effective ways. faytech NA developed an all in one 15″ SAW industrial tablet to enhance communication.

DRB systems car wash rugged touchscreen faytech

DRB Systems, Inc.

This rugged terminal is not a fair-weather friend. Designed with extreme conditions in mind, this rugged touch screen delivers the durability and reliability needed when used at or near a carwash tunnel entrance.

nec faytech waterproof resistive touchscreen monitor faytech


faytech NA developed a waterproof rugged 7″ resistive touchscreen for NEC Hong Kong, built to withstand the demanding usage in buses worldwide.

contitech division touchscreen pc faytech

ContiTech Division

Complex machinery that cooperates at the same time on a production line demands a reliable and precise Touch screen PC unit to control it. This is exactly faytech NA ‘s 19″ Touchscreen PC delivered.


ergo fit fitness industrial touchscreen pc

Ergo-fit Fitness

The Industrial Touch screen PC’s are the best fit for the ERGO-FIT’s complete line of fitness training equipment.

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