faytech US’s touch screen collaboration with ButterflyMX, a Smart Intercom Software, is one of our proudest.

Hercules HSC

Hercules wanted to develop a medium to interact with their users in a more effective efficient way. Our team developed an all-in-one 15″ SAW industrial tablet.

DRB Systems, Inc.

This terminal is no fair-weather friend. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this rugged touchscreen delivers the reliability you need when used at or near your carwash tunnel entrance.



For NEC Hong Kong, faytech developed waterproof rugged 7″ resistive touchscreen  for the demanding usage in buses all over the world.

ContiTech Division

Complex machinery co-operating at the same time at the production line requires reliable and precise Touch screen PC unit to control it – exactly what is delivered by faytech’s 19″ Touchscreen PC.

Ergo-fit Fitness


The Industrial Touch screen PC’s are a perfect fit for the ERGO-FIT’s complete program of fitness training systems.