Touch Software Allows You To Control a PC Like a Smartphone

Touchscreen monitors are screens that are sensitive to finger or pen touch. Therefore, they are also referred to as touch screens or sensor screens. The touchscreen does not need a mouse or a keyboard, commands are triggered by touching the screen.

This allows the computer, like a smartphone or tablet, to be directly controlled without having to access other accessories. In order to use this invisible command input, the surface of a touchscreen monitor is made sensitive to touch by means of an underlying touch layer.

Different touch techniques are used, which are explained in the further course of the guide.

What to consider when purchasing touch screen monitors?

Some of the considerations given by touch screen monitor manufacturers when looking for capacitive or resistive touch screen monitors:

  • Screen size: In order to enjoy good quality movies and games, or to see the screen from a distance in the workplace the size of the touchscreen monitor should be at least 20 inches.
  • Resolution: Protect your eyes by setting Full HD. With a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, your eyes are less stressed even in longer working hours before the PC.
  • Usability: The great advantage of touchscreen monitors is their ease of use. For this reason, slide shows of the last holiday can be browsed more smoothly in front of family and friends. In addition, no annoying mouse pointer is visible when you are working with graphics, since you can operate the screen by finger. Thus, touch screen monitors are a practical convenience both in the private and in the workplace.
  • Weight: Touchscreen monitors are very light and do not need much space, so you can place the screen almost in any area of your home.

Characteristics of the technology:

  • Brightness: The brightness of a touchscreen monitor should be 300cd / m² (high brightness monitors)
  • Capacitive touch technology: A capacitive touch screen works very precisely and reacts quickly, while resistive screens require stronger touch gestures.
  • Operating system: Touchscreen monitors do not harmonize with all operating systems. Before purchasing, check to see if your matches with the new screen. If not, you should update the operating system. For example, as Windows users, you need at least Windows 7 to use touch screen monitors.
  • Panel type: An IPS panel provides more stable colors. This will pay off by watching a movie or showing a presentation on the screen. This allows several people to see the display from different perspectives without having to lose their resolution or quality.

Extra considerations:

  • Integrated loudspeakers: Some manufacturers install boxes directly in the production of the monitors. These are, on the one hand, space-saving advantages; on the other hand, you can use the USB port of your touch-screen monitor for other purposes.
  • Multitouch: When the touch screen monitor detects two fingers, you already have a multitouch device. With such a model, it is important to be able to place the screen flat on any surface to use all functions.
  • Ergonomics: If you use the touch screen monitor for professional use, you should pay attention to ergonomic settings for long working hours. Rotate, tilt, and resize your screen so you can work at your desk.

Most common reasons for purchasing touch screen monitors

Whether for the PC, notebook or smartphone, touchscreen monitors are now found everywhere.

The Apple iPhone and the numerous tablet PCs are just a few examples of small appliances that work with a capacitive monitor.

Pocket computers, navigation and game consoles can also be controlled by touching the screen.

Numerous vending machines in shopping centers, railway stations or in hotels operate by sunlight readable touch screen and in harsh, industrial working environments, more and more practical touchscreen monitors are now being used.

Fluids and dirt no longer have an attack surface because there is no keyboard and most are rugged monitors combined with industrial computer systems.

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