20 Must Know Facts Before Buying a Fanless Industrial PC System

Having a system that works in a harsh industrial environment is a challenge that many companies have taken upon themselves. Designing an industrial computer is one such solution but it is usually better to buy industrial pc designed for use in extreme work environments. Industrial PC users tend to prefer durable devices that do not come with fans or cables or frame panels. If you are looking for more information regarding industrial PCs, then review this list of 20 facts about Fanless Industrial PCs:

1. Solid: An industrial computer comes with a solid thermal design modeled to dissipate heat efficiently while offering a wide operating temperature as per industrial usage.

2. Energy Efficiency: a regular 120mm computer cooling fan requires about 3 to 5W power. These are relatively low in number, but one should know that each industrial systems a minimum of 3 to 4 fans. Using fanless industrial computers come with a heat-sink mechanism that dissipates the heat without the need of a fan to do the job.

3. Reliable: By having a cool-fan changed every few months, or even better investing in a system that needs no fan allows you to extend the life-span of your computers making them a reliable bet in the long run.

4. Durable: A standard desktop PC comes with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 20,000 hours whereas a regular fanless industrial PCs offers an MTBF of 276,294 hours more than a regular desktop PC (adding 30 years to its life-span).

5. Flexible: Since many industries have small workspaces, workers are required to use smaller systemss.

6. Small: The smaller the size of the industrial computer, the better it is for you. Since they can be easily ported from a destination to another

7. Transportation: These computers are designed for transportation applications too. faytech North America has touch PCs that allow for the usage of rolling stock systems, video surveillance, fleet management, onboard surveillance, and more.

8. Compact: They are efficient, have low power consumption, compact in size, have sufficient storage option and expansion ability.

9. Exandable: These computers come with a rich I/O, high flexibility and easy PCIe expansion ability too.

10. Limitless: Fanless Industrial computers among industrial products can be used for limitless automation systems, cabinet integration as well as factory automation.

11. Thermal: A wide temperature range allows for an individual to use these computers in a thermal based workspace.

12. Power: The computers can use 3rd, 5th, 6th Gen Intel Core with the i3/i5/i7 processor.

13. Memory: It’s DDR4 SO-DIMM memory can supports up to 32 GB Data Storage

14. Expansive: For those looking to expand their storage, the fanless industrial PCs also come with an optional modular designs.

15. Options: The display is triple independent display with VGA, HDMI, and Optional Display

16. Dependable: These PCs were intentionally created for industrial purposes more than consumer benefit.

17. Remote Operations: Some companies can offer remote management system through its ultra-rugged series.

18. Options: This series also comes with LAN/USB/COM/Power and Audio Unit.

19. Hazard-Proof: Industrial computers are anti-vibration and shock-proof to avoid industry hazards.

20. Compliant: They are compliant with DC 24V / 48/72/110V options.

Fanless industrial PCs are a useful tool for one looking to work in a harsh environment. Compare between the industrial motherboard you choose to invest in before getting your hands on one.

These 20 facts about fanless industrial PCs will help you to find the best option available in the market. Also visit the touch screen rugged section to understand more.

If you have any questions, just contact our industrial pc experts or touch screen manufacturer and they can guide you to the best solutions for your specific needs.