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A single board computer (SBC) is a low-cost computer built on a single circuit board. It features all the functional components of a computer like a microprocessor, memory, input, and output. Unlike desktop computers, SBCs don’t rely on expansion slots when performing periphery functions. Most importantly, they come with a chipset for holding information and instructions. As industrial PC manufacturers and rugged touchscreen monitor , we know that cost, size, versatility, and reliability are important factors for businesses looking for industrial PCs.


  • Small and less costly – Due to the advancement in computer technology, single board computers are self-contained which reduces the overall manufacturing costs. Best of all, they are power-efficient compared to multi-board computers. This makes them reliable under tough environmental conditions.
  • They are small – Due to the reduced component and connector counts, they are smaller and lighter. They can be embedded on devices where space is limited since they come with their own operating system.
  • Versatility – SBCs are designed to handle tough industrial applications and automation tasks. They also give a low-power computing solution for different tinkering projects.
  • Access to the internet – Most of the industrial products come with an Ethernet port built onto the board which allows easy accessibility to the internet. You just need to hook your computer on the existing WAN and LAN through wireless technology.
  • Less-expensive – They feature a single-board configuration which reduces the overall cost of the system. This reduces the number of circuit boards.


  • They are less flexible – Unlike desktop computers, there is no way they can be upgraded whenever there are new developments in the market. For instance, the input /output of certain devices are not compatible with SBC. This is because the technical capabilities of such computers are fixed.

The advent of industrial single board computer technology

Due to the rapid development of infrastructure in the use of wireless technologies, the market share has expanded. Since SBS come in different sizes, many industrial computer devices have been manufactured. This predicts a promising future for many industries. The embedded systems used in these devices come with faster processing speeds, higher memory and power capacities. On the other hand, they come with features like PCI interface, OS support, mounting, power, processors and USB ports.

They are used for monitoring, automation, and control equipment. Since the computers use Ethernet applications, the connectors are used to transmit data from one location to another. Through the use of SBC, engineers and technicians are able to accomplish the most complicated tasks.

These computers come with internal sensors and a micro SD card for boosting the sensors. The user can connect the computer to an external hard disc for additional space. Further, operators are able to compete against each based on customer tastes. According to experts, the ever-increasing innovations will continue to boost the demand of single board computer in the transportation industry.

The power of an embedded single board computer

From an expert point of view, you can refer to an SBC as a small industrial grade motherboards inside an ordinary computer. These rugged computer systems are commonly used in military applications, industrial, and automation industries. Although most SBCs are built using similar standards, different technologies are included on each computer. They come with supplemental hardware to increase their functionality in handling complex application demands.

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