How Small Industrial Computer Systems Optimize Facility Space

Industrial PCs are designed to serve various computing applications in factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses and other industrial areas. Unlike contemporary computers, these machines can work under adverse industrial conditions without failing.

There are several models available in the market and each is designed to serve specific applications or for combining with system like rugged touch screen.

However, most of them are quite versatile and can be used in more than one industry. They are mostly used for process control in manufacturing plants and can also be used for front-to-end communication with other linked computers in distributed processing applications.

What do small industrial PCs do differently than standard desktops?

A industrial PC has various enhanced features including;

  • Heavy metal construction and mounting
  • Fan-less cooling; Uses alternative cooling through conduction, forced air or liquid
  • Enhanced filtering and sealing
  • Watchdog timers
  • Waterproof and dust proof design

There are many other application-specific features, but most industrial PCs will have the above features.

Industries that can benefit from a small industrial PC

Not many small touch screen PC computer are produced compared to the contemporary personal computers available in the market.

However, this does not mean such PCs are suited to a few industries only. In contrary, there are many businesses that can increase their operational efficiencies using a small industrial PC.

The computers are essentially designed to function in the harsh conditions of factory floors, oil rigs and manufacturing plants among others. Depending on the application, they may come with custom-designed operating systems to integrate seamlessly with the operations involved.

If your business involves operating in harsh indoor or outdoor conditions on a daily basis, then such PCs can be valuable resources. They operate within a wider temperature range, are waterproof/splash-proof/immersion-proof and are not affected by dust. They are ideal for production and mining factories, manufacturing industries and assembly warehouses.

The benefits

There are several straightforward advantages of using a small industrial computer. These computers are perfect for industries and are in fact, built for industrial environments.

They feature rugged framing and can function without fail despite exposure to dust, grime, water, extreme temperature variations and shock/vibrations.

They are also made of military-grade components and are very durable; usable both indoors and outdoors without any malfunction. In fairness, they are the only PCs suited for industrial use and every integrated feature is optimized to survive the adverse conditions.

What’s more, you can order designs with custom operating systems for integration with your motherboard industrial or process control operations. They also allow a wider DC voltage input thus ideal for processes where power input flexibility is a norm.

The potential setbacks

Despite the many advantages that industrial product have, industrial PCs are not exclusively perfect.

They tend to be a bit more expensive and can also consume more power than regular computers. What’s more, adding certain software applications to the OS might affect functionality.

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When looking for a small PCs, it is advisable to first outline your requirements and applications to your touch screen computer manufacturer.

This will help you find a computer with the right features. Remember to review all the other aspects including brand and model reputation, user reviews and quality guarantees. Most models come with framing to help you ground or fix the PC safely on its area.

Our team of industrial computer experts can help you find the best solution that meets both your needs and budget.

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