Don’t Take Shortcuts, Use Industrial Grade PC Solutions Or You’ll Pay Double

You’ve probably heard the old maxim, “buy cheap, pay twice…”

When it comes to industrial PCs, you would be lucky if you only pay twice because the jobs these computers are designed to do is take a beating and keep on ticking. Industrial grade touch screen computers are designed to withstand the bumps, scratches, dings, knocks and drops that the standard consumer PC cannot handle.

The chances are that unless you are using one of the many industrial or specially toughened screens or chassis, then the computer or display will simply break. You see, most PCs and their screens are generally made to look at and gently interact with, not to be abused!

Designed to handle the most inhospitable, dirties workplaces with extreme temperatures

People need to use screens in many different places and environments and these days a PC can be found in some of the dirtiest, roughest and most inhospitable places. Factories may have big buttons that allow you to stop and start machinery, but for the finer and more detailed work you will need more control and obviously you’ll need to see what you’re doing.

So, to match this need there are now a whole breed of industrial monitors that have been developed that will survive in some of the most extreme conditions enabling you to have full control over some of the most dangerous machinery in the factory, yet without any fear of damage.

Quick, streamlined solutions with no keyboard or mouse

Even better, some of the more ingenious of these systems are the panel PCs that are not only extremely tough, but they are also touch screen.

A touch screen desktop obviously means you don’t need a keyboard and as keyboards are notoriously sensitive to dust, water and oil, that should mean and even experience for the operator. If they can simply press a button on screen and then wipe off the oil, it means they can monitor their job in any situation.

What’s more, many of these systems are also water-tight and this can be a boon in environments where keeping equipment dry is almost impossible. In some factories, water is required for cooling (for example in CNC machines) and yet fine control might be necessary.

In the past it was a matter of having the PC running elsewhere and transferring the programs on disk or using a USB stick, however these days it is far more common to have the PC built in to the machinery. Obviously there is cost involved and that’s where the issues may arise. Rugged and toughened PCs and touch screens are usually a bit more expensive than their standard counterparts but the savings come with time (and limited downtime).

A normal PC and touch screen won’t last more than a day in many factories, yet their toughened counterparts will give many a year of solid, reliable performance.

It is very difficult for you to find a good industrial grade PC that will help an industry to perform varied tasks. In order to get the most reliable provider of high performance and customized computers, touchscreen display, panel PCs, motherboards and rack-mount computers look for an industrial grade PC company that have experience of working within industries and settings such as aerospace, amusement parks, research, production, laboratories, military, mining and industrial automation.

Look for a reliable industrial computer manufacturer that deliver rugged computer solutions and toughest elements If you have questions about the best industrial touch screen computer solutions for your specific industry, application and budget, contact us today. Faytech North America  industrial PC specialists can guide you to the best solution that will match your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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