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Computer kiosks have popped up everywhere – in malls, outside grocery stores, and on university campuses. The wide range of uses for them is astounding. They are used for anything from printing a document to buying a mobile phone case. In this article, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of making things more convenient with this technology, with movie rental kiosks as an example.

Some of the obvious pros of these kiosks are that they are fast and easily available when you’re on the go. Not only are they ready to fill an order as soon as it’s been put in, but they’re in multiple locations along your daily route. They cut down the time a consumer must spend to obtain a product, as well as a company’s transaction costs to sell its product.

Despite these positive qualities, a lot of people would say that they are actually hurting the economy. Kiosks, while convenient, take very few people to set up. As is with any product, many people may be involved in designing and building it. However, the kiosk requires no one to sell its products afterward.

There are virtually no employees needed after it has been installed. It may require a handyman or worker to stop by and restock the machine, but otherwise, the kiosk is self-sufficient. This means there are fewer people employed across multiple industries when we use kiosks.

Outdoor digital kiosk solutions are the future of direct commerce

The very malls that hold a great number of these machines can be hurt by them. There are fewer storefronts necessary when this technology is used. More and more stores are facing a loss of customers due to online and kiosk ordering, forcing their closure.

When stores are replaced by kiosks that require no storefront, the malls are losing the rents that keep them open. All of this results in less revenues in a traditional economy, and increased revenues in tech-based businesses that requires fewer employees. In the last decade, more jobs in the economy have been lost to technology than any other mitigating factor like outsourcing.

The benefits of outdoor information kiosk technologies across a variety of industries

Let’s take movie rental kiosks as an example. When we go to a grocery or mall, it’s easy to pass a kiosk and rent a movie in under five minutes. We were already at these stores, and the movie kiosk is just a quick beeline away from our usual route. No employee or third party was required to step in and use extra time and money to help us – we did it all ourselves. When this streamlined transaction is realized by most business owners, they begin to perceive that the touch screen kiosk price is rather insignificant in the big picture.

Outdoor touch screen kiosk is another disrupting technology

Since the increased use of technology and the internet, the movie rental store business has been all but extinguished. The largest household name of movie renting, Blockbuster, went bankrupt and closed in the United States. Think about the people you know, can any of them say they are employed in an industry even related to movie rentals? Chances are they can’t. All of these jobs have been lost.

The movie rental business is just one example of the many ways that outdoor touch screen kiosks are being used.

As touch screen kiosk manufacturers in the USA, we pay close attention to market developments and kiosks are quickly becoming an innovative way to interact with clients, customers and potential customers in a broad variety of niches.

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