In this time of uncertainty across the world, we at faytech hope that you and your families are remaining as safe and healthy. Additionally, in this time, many of us are now finding that we are in a new environment while we are “working from home”.

In this new environment, the faytech flat will be a super convenient gadget to have, whether you connect it to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, it will be an easy and convenient way of extending (or duplicating) the screen of your smart device over USB Type-C or HDMI cable.

flat with pen
We are happy to continue to offer the faytech flat – the lightweight portable touch monitor. It is an ideal solution for those requiring an additional screen for “working from home” where an extra monitor for their day-to-day activities is simply a necessity. Besides this, it can also be used as a great tool for children and students to work on their digital homework!
Included with the device is a flexible stand, USB Type-C cable (1m) and protection case. Besides this, the faytech flat also works great in combination with our Capacitive Touch Stylus, which is an optional accessory!

We are glad to announce the popularity of the faytech flat and the diverse usage possibilities it provides. Several YouTubers already had the chance to use the screen for different applications!

Chigz Tech Review (English)

In the video, Chigz shows how this portable touch monitor can be used with your smartphone or a google chrome cast to watch videos or play games! He also manages to plug-in external speakers to enhance the sound.

Manuel Agostini (Italian)

Manuel shows the perfect example of how the faytech flat can be used for your “home office”. He mounts a phone holder and connects his keyboard to create the perfect set-up for your workplace.

Gesualdo Lo Monaco (Italian)

With photography and filming as his hobbies, Gesualdo manages to connect the faytech flat to his camera and provides a perfect image of his live recordings, the great lightweight gadget.The faytech flat is available worldwide, and can for example be purchased from:

Or simply contact us for any inquiries or more information at +1 646 843 0877 or