7″ Embedded Touch PC (ARM V40)


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Weight 4.1887 lbs
Dimensions 7.700 × 5.417 × 1.511 in

Product Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit FT07V40CAPOB
NAV number 3030506250
European model code 1010502100
EAN number 6920734007905

IP Classification

Front IP 65 / Back IP40

Computer System

Central Processing Unit Quad Core Allwinner® V40
Motherboard Chipset ARM Cortex-A7
Graphics Processing Units ARM® Mali-400 Mp2, Complies with Open Graphics Library for Embedded System 2.0/1.1
Audio Chip Embedded High-Fidelity 100 decibel Audio Codec Dual analog microphone, 2×6 Watts amplifier
Random Access Memory (RAM) 2GB Double Data Rate (DDR) 3
Flash Memory 8GigaBit Embedded Multi-Media Card Flash
Network Driver 10 | 100Mega bit Network; Wireless LAN
Supported Operating System Android 6 / 10
Preinstalled Operating System Android 6.0 (Android 10 only for projects)

Liquid Crystal Display

Display size 7″ / 17.7 cm
Viewable screen area 15.42 cm x 8.59 cm (6.070 in x 3.381 in)
Image Aspect-ratio 16:9
Native resolution 1024*600px
Maximum resolution 1920*1200px
Screen Luminance 500 candela/m²
Color Contrast 700:1
Average responsiveness Rise time/Fall time 10/15 ms
Viewing angle (horizontal to vertical) 150 | 145 °
Screen Backlighting LED
Backlighting lifespan 20 000 H

Touch Screen

Touch type PCAP Multi-touch (10 point)
Lifespan Unlimited
Screen hardness Mohs 7H
Surface coating Anti-reflective (industrial etching)
Glass reinforcement Chemically Reinforced


Temperature range 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Supported moisture 10 % ~ 90 % Relative Humidity
Weight (net) 1.00 kg / 2.2046 lb
Weight (gross, including cartonage) 1.90 kg / 4.1887 lb
Enclosure Plastic rear case, rubber frame
Housing sizes 195.6 mm * 137.6 mm * 38.4 mm (7.700 in * 5.417 in * 1.511 in)

Power Specifications

Power light Green LED
Source ACDC Switching Power Adapter 100~240V; DC-Out 12 V
Power input 8-18 V
Energy usage 8 W
Idling current 1 W

Computer Internal Connectors

x1 Secure Digital-card
x1 Subscriber Identity Module-card
x2 Serial
x4 TTL Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
x2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0
18/24Bit Low-Voltage Differential Signaling
x6 General Purpose Input/Output
x1 Serial ATA-Port
x1 Line-In
x1 Line-Out
x1 Real Time Clock
x1 Controller Area Network Bus
x1 Amplifier for 2×6 Watts speaker

Computer External Connectors

x1 8~18V DC-In (screwable)
x1 Wireless-LAN antenna connector (RP-SMA male)
x2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0
x1 High Definition Multimedia Interface
x1 10/100Megabit RJ45 Port
x1 RJ10 (4P4C)
x1 Universal Serial Bus On-The-Go
x1 Audio-In
x1 Audio-Out
x1 Serial port
x1 Subscriber Identity Module-card slot
x1 Secure Digital-card slot

Expansion Ports

Mini-PCI Express

In the package

Power Source (cf. Power Specifications section)
Installation Guide
WLAN antenna (RP-SMA female)

Documents & Drivers

Acrobat Reader External website
3D design Download 3D design
Data-sheet Download Data-sheet
Short User Manual Short User Manual
Drivers for capacitive touch (Linux excluded) Capacitive Touch Drivers (RAR) | Rar conversion to ZIP online
Driver for WiFi WiFi driver (RAR) | Rar conversion to ZIP online
V40 Image – Buildroot & Browser – SD card installer Download V40_IMG_SD (RAR)
V40 Image – Ubuntu mate 18.04 LTS – SD card installer Download V40_UB_IMG_SD (RAR)