20 Important Facts to Know Before Buying an Open Frame Monitor

Open frame Touch Screen that do not include a bezel but are placed on a bare metal enclosure. Components such as a display controller A/D board and an internal power supply can then be fastened to the metal chassis. There are some important facts that one needs to know about open frame monitors before purchasing them:

1. Flexibility Open frame monitors offer flexibility in that they can be used for different applications by simply adding components enabling the desired application. Its mounting system can easily be integrated into a particular product design.

2. Durability They are made with strong steel frames and very strong glass on its front surface. This makes it highly durable which is an important aspect of a highly demanding industrial environment.

3. High quality These monitors are made of quality material which gives value for money for those who purchase them. faytech NA uses top quality components to manufacture these open frame monitors.

4. High reliability The open frame monitors can efficiently operate in any kind of environment making it reliable in areas where they are crucially needed.

5. Wide temperature range These monitors are designed to function over a wide temperature range (-20 to 55 degrees Celsius) so that they can operate under the diverse global conditions.

6. Excellent performance They offer excellent performance for the users.

7. Affordable price Open frame monitors come at a cost that is affordable to many industrialists and business owners.

8. Allows for customization If used in kiosks or keypad displays, one can design the enclosure to suit their desire and specifications.

9. Low power usage Open frame monitors consume significantly less power making usability easy.

10. Long life LED (light emitting diode) lamp These monitors come with an LED lamp that can last for more than even five years. This enhances automation and instrumentation in industries.

11. Accessibility  Open frame monitors are incorporated with simplified touchscreen functions which allow easy information access. This enables businesses to free up some time for other tasks.

12. Very good display The quality of images that the open frame monitors display is very high hence finding application in various sectors such as industries and hospitals where detail is paramount.

13. Sufficient brightness Open frame monitors come with a wide range of brightness options hence enhancing video and image quality regardless of the screen’s position relative to light.

14. A wide range of viewing angles These screens allow users to have a clear view from a wide range of angles. This is especially good for applications such as a display in kiosks.

15. Easily cleaned Open frame monitors can easily be cleaned. This makes them suitable for use even in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals and surgical areas

16. Versatility These screens can be used in various industries such as hospitals, construction since they help the employees receive information that they need at a particular time.

17. Compatibility They are highly compatible with other devices. External devices can be used with them.

18. Presentable These monitors are presentable in appearance, hence finding use in the display of rich content to large corporate audiences.

19. User-friendly The open frame monitors are easy to operate. One does not need to possess a special skill set in order to operate them.

20. They are robust They exhibit a high level of strength that allows for transportation without worry about impending damages.

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