The Importance of Rugged Computer Systems

Rugged panel PCs (also known as rugged touch screen computers or industrial panel PCs) are an important and crucial part of industrial PC requirements. They can’t be flaunted as status symbols in boardrooms or on office desks as they don’t fit in the sleek frame dominated by high-tech gadgets like the latest tablets and smartphones. They are instead mounted on walls or placed in cabinets or in plain enclosures in industrial plants and as such, counted upon to reliably function and carry out their jobs without fail.

As industrial fanless PC manufacturers, we know for certain, there is no time for breakdowns, and technical delays are strictly prohibited in the lifetime of these computers.

How to find the best-rugged computer manufacturers in the USA

When searching for a new computing system that will be bought by an organization, a desktop computer and a laptop are no longer the only options available. Technology continues to evolve to such an extent that there are now other types of machines which can be bought that have the same functionalities, such as a panel PCs and what we at faytech North America consider to be the best single board computer solution.

With an LCD display, a panel PC has been chosen by scores of companies around the world. When a portable computer is required, a panel PC is perfect to buy. As it isn’t connected to a wall socket because it has an inbuilt battery, it can be used for several hours at a time before it has to be recharged. This type of portable PC can be used by employees for completing reports that are designed in-house and then are sent wirelessly to various worldwide locations.

The benefits of using rugged industrial computers

Because it has a touch screen, it can be fitted in countless areas for multiple purposes. Compared to touch screen computers, which have a separate monitor connected to a computer case and a keyboard, it uses considerably less energy. The number of functionalities which an embedded PC can perform is tailor-made according to a company’s needs and requirements.

Choose the best rugged industrial PC manufacturer for future industrial PC systems

Choosing a supplier that has a considerable number of panel and embedded PC’s, ensures that there will be plenty of options available to be purchased. When searching for new embedded systems, be sure to pick a manufacturer like faytech NA who has competitive prices and a broad range of sizes and functionality. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts about your industrial pc products, computer needs and requirements.

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