17 – 19″ Resistive Touch PC – N2807 Configuration


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The faytech 17 – 19″ Resistive Touch PC wide format series, is created with commercial and industrial use in mind. This resistive touch system packs a tremendous amount of power, stability, and performance into a modern, streamlined design. faytech’s 17 – 19″ Resistive Touch PC platforms are manufactured using a fanless motherboard, free of external moving parts, sleek and smooth design, along with solid aluminum housing. These resistive touch PC systems offer a Celeron™ DualCore or an Intel® QuadCore CPU, a graphic card using Intel® HD technology, an option for 2G/4G RAM, and a 64G SSD drive. The faytech 17 – 19″ Resistive Touch PC wide format series offers different operating system options (Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32/64 bit), or Linux OS).

The faytech resistive touch PC series uses an Intel® I5-5200u CPU (fay-003 mainboard) for optimal performance. The PC’s resisitve touchscreen uses 5-wire resistive technology and the PC includes a faytech subpixel free A+ LCD panel. faytech’s resistive touch PCs are a very cost effective solution that adds a high degree of reliability to any workplace. fayteche’s Resistive Touch PC ssytems are the perfect choice for challenging work environments and intense user scenarios. These resistive touch PCs are the perfect choice for operations management, manufacturing facilities, industrial automation environments, industrial locations, POS point of sale systems, and more.


Potential Use Case Scenarios

faytech’s 12.1 – 15″ Resistive Touch PC series would be an optimal solution for manufacturing facilities where every inch matters. The resistive touch PC solutions that faytech produces work perfectly in harsh environments and are designed to compliment work areas in a seamless manner.

A potential use case scenario could be in production facilities that make use of industrial automation solutions and software to manage such systems. Several resistive touch PCs could provide control interfaces for a variety of equipment processes and monitoring functions. The medium size of the faytech resistive touchscreen PC systems makes them a great option for industrial or commercial settings that don’t have space for cables and connectors.

Our mission at faytech is to manufacture great resistive touchscreen PC solutions capable of maximizing productivity and optimizing a workplace’s performance. If you are searching for resistive touchscreen PC solutions but are not sure what would be good touch PC system, then contact us by phone, email or live chat. Our resistive touchscreen PC specialists will answer your questions. We aim to provide the best resistive touch screen PC solution for your specific needs and goals.

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17 - 19" Resistive Touch PC

17" Resistive Touch PC, 19" Resistive Touch PC

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