This week’s tech conference Mobile World Congress, premier electronic show in Barcelona, offers a deep dive into the tech of the future covering Faytech’s newest product, the Lapscreen. If you work on the go, Faytech’s Lapscreen, a lightweight, portable monitor can connect to a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, and provides an easy way to extend or duplicate an existing screen, offering a diverse range of functionalities. It’s the size of a standard piece of paper and its lightweight technology allows for easy accessibility.  

lapscreen usb c monitor feytech 6679

Michél Haese invented the LapScreen as part of an eight-year project. Haese refers to the LapScreen as the third evolution of mobile computing and the paper of the future.

The USB Type-C or HDMI cable is compatible with a variety of cases including Wi-Fi dongles, batteries, and adapters. It measures 11.1-inches by 8.3-inches, weighs about 350-400 grams, and includes a Full HD panel. It can stand up or be completely laid flat. It runs entirely off a  single 60W USB type-C power adapter connected to either your phone or laptop. There is currently a 10-point multi-touch version available, as well as a non-touch version.

The Lapscreen display will be available at $200 for the non-touch version and $300 for the touchscreen model. All with come with USB-C ports, as well as HDMI or micro HDMI ports.

Whether you’re on a business trip requiring an extra display for presentations, a student working on different projects, or looking for a larger screen to watch videos onthe Lapscreen is the perfect solution for you.