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While the importance of reliable software can’t be stressed enough, the successful transition to an effective online presence requires the use of powerful industrial computers and mainframes. In case you were unaware, your small desktop will not be enough to propel your e-commerce site especially if you an interest in using a dedicated server. If you are opting for the Yahoo Store to do the heavy lifting, you can face a significant challenge since Yahoo e-commerce sites are not particularly well respected.

The importance of a durable industrial computer workstation for your business

In case you happen to be the owner of a moderate to a large online website, and you sell certain goods and services then you will need to invest the necessary capital in acquiring two key components. The first is a qualified IT team or specialist. This will require a well placed and lucrative ad placed in your local online classifieds or job board. An adept IT specialist will be able to ensure your time and money is well served.

Yes, as mentioned before, your simple desktop will not be sufficient to run a professional online business. You will need the capacity to process tremendous amounts of information and deliver page requests in a timely, relevant manner. The second, and perhaps equally important, component is the hardware. To successfully sort and process the millions of online protocol requests, you will need an array of industrial

Touch screen PCs. Both your IT team and your mainframes will have to be housed somewhere other than your basement or garage. The mistake many Internet entrepreneurs make is investing so much time and effort into their online presence at the expense of an actual business location. As trust is a fundamental component to online success, most consumers want to know a website leads back to a real office staffed by employees. Although marketing trends tend to emphasize an online presence over and above a brick-and-mortar storefront, I would argue the two go hand-in-hand. What good is a storefront without an online presence accordingly? what good is an online store without an actual business location? Trends are, by definition, transitory sound business practices; however, they are perennial. As leading industrial fanless PC manufacturers, we know that your business needs solutions that are durable, upgradable and reliable. This is what we deliver with our products.

faytech’s fanless advanced industrial computer systems for harsh environments

Industrial computers have existed for as long as a desktop computer. Ideally, the first significant computer developed for industrial use was the IBM 5531 which was released in 1985, and since then modern computers have become familiar and are majorly used by industries in controlling production processes and acquiring of data.

Rugged computer systems are designed to withstand many of the harmful elements found in industrial locations. Many industrial PCs are solid state, meaning they have no moving parts and often are known as industrial panel PCs as they have a display incorporated into the computer making it one of the best single board computer solutions for many industries.

Touch screens are commonplace among industrial PCs too as they implement both an input and output device in one unit and are far more robust than standard display devices.

faytech’s flexible industrial computer workstations and modular industrial computers

There are, however, drawbacks in using industrial PC’s one of the problems with industrial PC is that they are often in solid state and cannot be repaired or upgraded by users. In case the device goes down, whatever process the computer was controlling has to be stopped until a service engineer arrives to fix the problem.

For this reason, industrial PCs are built to be as reliable as possible. One way the manufacturers have ensured this is by use of tried and tested components. Often the elements in an industrial PC are selected for their reliability rather than performance. This means they face minimal chances of break down since most of the industrial computers use modern technology, unlike other conventional PCs that use traditional technology.

Apparently, some processes require more computing power than others and often modern PC’s do not perform well as expected of them. An alternative solution to this fault is the use of conventional PC equipment such as a standard desktop. These can be encased in an industrial computer enclosure. These compounds protect the standard PC from the harmful elements in the industrial environment including dust, water, heavy impacts and extreme temperatures meaning that these PC enclosures can be used anywhere where a typical industrial PC can be employed.

The importance of using rugged industrial computers for demanding work environments

Not only does this means you can select what technology you want the computer to run with but also if there are any problems, the computer enclosure can be opened and the internal PC repaired or replaced without having to wait for a service engineer. Peripheral Component Interconnect Slots have become the industry standard for expansion technology and connectivity. Correctly configuring your new Peripheral Component Interconnect-based Industrial PC is essential to keeping your industrial computing process moving smoothly. Let’s look at how and why this benefits your business.

1. Availability of Peripheral Component Interconnect slots Many available slots can help you configure the modern computers. This comes handy when you want to host most of the expansion devices.

2. Long term availability Choose an industrial computer that has a long term availability. This factor will help in designing a system that can be reproduced at a letter date. Purchase from a reputable industrial computer person who offers long-life industrial motherboards, passive back-planes, and panel PCs. These components ensure support for a long time.

3. Bus Mastering Industrial computers should be compatible with the required Peripheral Component Interconnect expansion, input-output, and data acquisition cards. You can be able to understand this concept with the help of a professional industrial computer supplier.

4. Support for the future An industrial computer manufacturer that understands the modern marketplace will offer support for past, current and emerging technologies. Further, most industrial computing applications still have the Industry Standard Architecture cards that they can’t do without. It is important to choose an industry computer supplier that provides Peripheral Component Interconnect expansion as well as sockets that can be configured. Peripheral Component Interconnect allows for faster device communication as it eliminates the need for the bus to switch priorities between devices. Choosing a 64-bit capable board doubles the rate of data transfer for capable devices over 32-bit Peripheral Component Interconnect. Make sure to correct the right Slots for your needs!

5. Built for Industry Your equipment works hard. Industrial computers have the following components; multiple serial ports, watchdog timer, on-board digital IO and dual gigabit Ethernet ports. In addition to all these, they too have many USB ports, built-in RAID, Hardware Monitoring and System Management Bus to act as a control interface to ensure durable industrial chassis. Your industrial computing application is too important to trust to off the shelf desktop models.

What does faytech specialize in?

faytech North America is the New York distribution center for all faytech products. faytech specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of specific computing solutions such as: Touch Screen Desktops, Touch Screen Computers, Embedded Computers, Industrial PCs, Industrial Computers, Resistive Touch PCs, and Computer Kiosks. In addition we offer touch screen display solutions: Touch Screen Monitors, Capacitive Touch Screens, IP65 Displays, High Brightness Displays, Sunlight Readable Displays, Industrial Monitors, Resistive Monitors, and Rugged Monitors. faytech also customizes projects for our clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

faytech currently manufactures 7–22” Touchscreen Monitors, 8–19” Touchscreen PCs, and the 32–42–55” Touchscreen PC LFT Series. Additionally, we have developed our own proprietary PC motherboard, which is manufactured exclusively by ASUS.

Whether it is finding the ideal product for your business, to the installation of the products or to technical support, our entire team works hard to always provide our customers with the best products and service on the market. At faytech North America, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable about every product we offer, ready to assist you with whatever information is needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, or to learn more about a faytech high quality display solutions for your unique company.

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