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The faytech 32 – 55″ Wall Mount Capacitive Touch Monitors are created with a sleek, modern design and flat IP65 waterproof and dust proof front panels. The large-sized wall mount capacitive touch monitor product series is manufactured with capacitive 10-finger touch technology, an antiglare treated glass surface that is chemical etched, along with a MosH 7 glass front. The faytech’s 32-55″ Wall Mount Capacitive Touch Displays come with a variety of connectors such as: USB-B for touch, DVI-D, HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA. Along with the standard audio inputs and lockable inputs including the DC-IN. Our wall mounted capacitive touch displays are built using A+ rated industrial LCD panels and we offer a no pixel error 100% guarantee on our products.

The faytech 32-55″ Wall Mount Capacitive Touch Monitors are an ideal solution for numerous industrial, commercial, and residential needs. The large sized, wall mount touch displays perform perfectly as POS (point of sale) systems, as industrial control panels, as manufacturing application controls, as commercial signage, or as displays in office areas. The sleek wall mount capacitive displays work perfectly for commercial and residential security displays, commercial digital signage displays, and are a solid retail industry for chain stores, shopping malls, and outlets. Additional industries that could benefit from large wall mounted capacitive touch displays are education, hospitality, entertainment, automotive, realty, trade shows, and corporate events.

Potential Use Case Scenarios

faytech 32-55″ Wall Mount Capacitive Touch Monitors are an excellent addition to automated residential systems and real estate internal/external interfaces such as those in apartment or condominium lobbies. The faytech capactive touch screen interfaces can be used as streamlined directories, as security system panels, utility control interfaces and much more.

In an educational setting, the faytech 32-55″ Wall Mount Capacitive Touch Monitors are a great addition to classrooms for enhanced learning interactions, as an interface to manage staff, open scheduling systems, manage inventories and as eye-catching digital signage for events and announcements.

Department store, retail stores and mall stores will find the faytech 32-55″ Wall Mount Capacitive Touch Monitors large-sized technologies to be great addition that allows for streamlined ways for potential customers to quickly check inventories, customize orders and quickly make purchases. For retailers this means that more customers can be served and people don’t have to feel pressured by sales staff. Our capacitive touch screen display solutions integrate well with a number of software applications that facilitate sales.

We believe it is our mission to manufacture the best capacitive touchscreen monitor solutions in the marketplace. We want your organization to enhance its productivity, and grow revenues while optimizing performance. If you can see the benefits of integrating faytech’s capacitive touch display solutions into your business or organization but want to make sure you’re choosing the right product, just contact us today. Our capacitive touch screen experts can answer any question you might have and we can help you determine the best capacitive touch screen solution for your specific situation. We aim to provide the perfect capacitive touch screen solution for your needs and we are here to answer any questions.

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32-55" Capacitive Monitor

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