21.5 – 55″ Capacitive Touch Monitor – Open Frame, High Brightness


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The Open Frame 21.5 – 55″ Capacitive Touch Monitors by faytech are a great option for industrial, commercial and business use. These touch displays utilize a capacitive 10-finger multitouch panel which results in a great user experience in a broad range of applications. Each display in the Open Frame series is manufactured with reliability in mind. Each unit comes with an A+ quality HD LCD panel designed with the most efficient LED technology. The Open Frame 21.5 – 55″ Capacitive Touch Monitors are equipped with a variety of standard connectors, such as USB-Touch, DVI, HDMI, VGA, a remote control Serial connector and the standard DC-In connector.

In the faytech Open Frame series, the open frame touch panel is bonded with the LCD panel. This improves the stability of the device, reduces reflections, increases viewing angles, and also enhances the display’s brightness. This also provides an enhanced degree of resistance to dust particulates and allows for a better picture image. The faytech Open Frame display is a streamlined model without a back case. This makes the Open Frame display series a great option for integrating into existing system or for mounting at a variety of different locations. Additionally, the Open Frame touch panels come with a more economic price because fewer parts are required in its manufacturing. This is the best interactive solution for usage as a digital signage solutions, classroom presentations, meeting room displays, industrial automation control panels, shopping mall advertising, hotel information displays and countless other applications.

Potential Use Case Scenarios

faytech’s Open Frame 21.5 – 55″ Capacitive Touch Monitor solutions are a serious consideration for digital signage applications. The size of the device is unparalleled – with options that are not too big to be discretely utilized in smaller areas, and with screen sizes up to 55″ that are sure to catch passerby’s attention. Multiple Open Frame touch screen panels can be synchronized and partitioned together or separately in an area that has significant foot traffic. The can display brand information, commercials, sales details or even opportunities to engage with potential customers.

In classrooms and board rooms, the streamlined Open Frame touch display makes a solid impression as its size is large enough to be clearly viewed from a distance and it does away with the need for mouses, keyboard and other interfaces that require cables. The displays will give a crisp, high quality look at the information that is being shared.

It is our goal at faytech North America to create quality open frame touch display systems that are capable of enhancing interactivity, increasing productivity and optimizing the performance of customer engagements and workforce potential for our clients. If your organization gets the benefit of adding Open Frame capacitive touch screen technologies, but is uncertain as to what the best open frame touch display solution could be for your goals, then contact us today by email, phone or live chat. Our open frame capacitive touch screen experts can answer your questions and we will help you determine the best touch screen solution for your scenario.

Our goal at faytech is to provide the most effective open frame commercial touch screen solution that will function as intended in your desired environment.We look forward to being your open frame capacitive touch screen provider and are available for any questions.

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21-55 Open HB Monitor

21.5″ Capacitive Touch Monitor – Open Frame, High Brightness, 32″ Capacitive Touch Monitor – Open Frame, High Brightness, 43″ Capacitive Touch Monitor – Open Frame, High Brightness, 55″ Capacitive Touch Monitor – Open Frame, High Brightness

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